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Mc Queen 21


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  • Mc Queen 21

    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21
    Mc Queen 21

    Mc Queen 21

    it is good, but alittle bi slippery and cant catch the floor well ★★★★☆Review by Emy

    very good looking and extreamly comfortable. They may look like dress shoes but they are great for running and basketball too. ★★★★☆Review by Manfred

    This young man was overjoyed with the shoes. ★★★★☆Review by Edwin

    Very stylish ★★★★☆Review by Juien

    I wanted a 4 1/2 ★★★★☆Review by zoe

    Good looking sneakers... ★★★★☆Review by Antonio

    I bought these for my nephew. He loved them. And they are great looking shoes. ★★★★☆Review by molta86

    I have purchased 3 pairs of Jordan Eclipse- this pair was the only pair that were a bit snug... maybe they will stretch? I bought them because of the really comfortable fit of the previous 2 pair... so a little disappointed because they a good looking shoes. ★★★★☆Review by Timeothee

    Love these joints. they still look good to me ★★★★☆Review by Thomas

    Love them ★★★★☆Review by Ray

    Perfectly fine. My girl loves them ★★★★☆Review by GL

    A present ★★★★☆Review by Steevelin

    really exit my expectations ★★★★☆Review by ronan


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