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G**i Slipper


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  • G**i Slipper

    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper
    G**i Slipper

    Gucci Slipper

    very good looking and extreamly comfortable. They may look like dress shoes but they are great for running and basketball too. ★★★★☆Review by Manfred

    Color is exceptional and beautiful. Run a bit small in my opinion. ★★★★☆Review by laurie

    This Jordan shoes are so expensive (about $120), i was so glad to find them on Amazon for $72 at 3.5 size. They are very elegant. My kid loves this shoes and he gets lots of compliments wearing them. He is size3 but we got 3.5 and he is saying while they are comfy they are somehow narrow (or tight just a bit), but so far has not been an issue, plus they are quite new. ★★★★☆Review by Patrícia

    I never had this order ★★★★☆Review by louis

    shinny color ★★★★☆Review by Zachary

    I loved the product but it didn't last long and attracted a lot of dirt. Plus, every time​ it rained it would soak my foot. ★★★★☆Review by Charlemagne

    Perfect 100% Authentic ! Love em🔴 ★★★★☆Review by Yaritzia

    These are really cool looking Jordans. They look great, I listed them as fit as expected, but I have a wide foot and bought a size bigger than my normal 13s ★★★★☆Review by Chloé

    These shoes are awesome. Wish the price was better, but they were authentic and exactly what I was expecting. ★★★★☆Review by Clemenec

    Real Jordans. Arrived on time. ★★★★☆Review by Jérôme

    Got them for my fiance and he loves them... ★★★★☆Review by Jp31

    He says he loves them and they make him feel like he can jump higher but he's 10 so you decide. ★★★★☆Review by Popcorn006

    My wife loved them, thanks! ★★★★☆Review by Romain

    I just got mine today..Amazing colour..Just get gonna get the blacks too ★★★★☆Review by frohr

    Great ★★★★☆Review by JMR

    My son loves them. Thank you Amazon ★★★★☆Review by ALF

    inside of one sneaker the insole padding slash cushion is defected which feels funny overtime of wearing the sneaker during long periods ★★★★☆Review by Barrett


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